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Reduced Construction Time

Reduced Need For Heavy Equipment At The Job Site

Fewer Trades on Job

Greater Structural Integrity

Offers Design Flexibility

Superior Fire Resistance

Excellent Sound Attenuation Characteristics

Earlier Completion Offers Earlier Occupancy

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Simplified Utility Installation

Environmentally Safe

Allows erection of walls in considerable less time than other existing methods of construction. A standard 4' X 8' panel weighs only 38 pounds and can be positioned and attached to adjacent panels by one man in a manner of minutes.

Handling and erection of RSG 3-D panels are very simple and can be accomplished with very little equipment and a minimum of manpower.

The building system requires fewer different trades on the job site since insulation is included in the panels, unskilled labor can install, and the concrete application can be brought to a desired finish. Along with the simplicity of a "systems wall", bookkeeping is made easier as less checks have to be issued and paper work is reduced.

The TRIDIPANEL system, erected and shotcreted, gives the owner a continuously reinforced, insulated wall that will accept a variety of interior and exterior finishes, including its natural texture. This monolithic structure provides an extraordinary strength-to-weight relationship.

The TRIDIPANEL system allows the architect/engineer to design for various wind loads and seismic conditions. The Council of American Building Officials which includes BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI approved the RSG 3-D panel system and issued Report No. NER-454. The RSG 3-D system can be used in single-story or multi-story facilities. PANELMEX is available to assist you with design and building details.

With 1 1⁄2 inches of concrete applied to both sides of the panels, a fire rating of 1 1⁄2 hours is obtained; 2 inches gives a 2 hour rating. Ratings can be increased with the increase of concrete or other coatings and finishes.

Lower Maintenance Costs: The system, which yields a concrete structure, accepts a variety of internal and external finishes to minimize maintenance requirements.

Due to its double shell construction, the concrete/polystyrene/concrete sandwich panel configuration minimizes sound transmission.

Ease of installation and overall reduction of labor required provides the owner earlier occupancy and reduces total capital investment.

The standard TRIDIPANEL has modified expanded polystyrene as its thermal barrier and meets VA, FHA and HUD requirements.

Space between mesh and insulation allows for easy placement of electrical conduit or piping prior to the application of concrete.

Wire used in the production of our panel is manufactured from recycled steel. The process used to make polystyrene does not involve CFC's which were phased out in 1989. Forests are not threatened by this system since it uses steel, polystyrene and concrete...twenty first century technology- today.

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